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Dental Sealants In Kansas City

It's no secret that the practice of brushing and flossing is the foundation for a healthy mouth. However, teeth have a lot of edges and tight spots that can be difficult to keep track of, and that can make keeping them clean more difficult. Particularly when it comes to cleaning your molars, meant for chewing, you may have found that they have a lot of bumps and grooves. Molars, unfortunately, make for a great hideout for cavities. This is where dental sealants from Platinum Family Dental can be a great help!

What Are Dental Sealants For?

Dental sealants are typically applied to your molars and premolars. These teeth have deep grooves called fissures. Molar fissures can collect a good amount of bacteria and hold on to leftover food. They're deep and can be extremely difficult to clean, which is why they are prone to cavities.

Additionally, many times these fissures are so thin that not even a single bristle of toothbrush can properly clean them out. Acid and plaque easily form in these regions, wearing into the enamel. Fluoride can help protect against this decay, but if you want to avoid getting cavities on your molars, we suggest that you get dental sealants. Dental sealants cover these fissures, and stop them from holding developing decay.

Dental Sealants Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Do Dental Sealants Look Like?

A: A dental sealant is a layer of thin, tooth-colored acrylic that is applied on the surface of your tooth. During the rather simple procedure, we will paint the sealant on your chosen tooth or teeth. They will ensure that once it has been applied the sealant won't even be noticeable. Once the acrylic has been set you then will have gained a strong, shielded, seal around your tooth that is amazingly resistant to cavities!

Q: Who Is A Candidate For Dental Sealants?

A: Adults, adolescents and children can all enjoy the benefits of dental sealants in Kansas City. Because the first set of primary chewing teeth appear when children are about six years old. This is usually the earliest age for your kids to get dental sealants. Your children's molars replace themselves around age 12 and can be another time to consider getting sealants to protect their new teeth that just came in.

Q: How Do Dental Sealants Work?

A: Just like you can "seal" other surfaces like wood floors or leather to protect them from damage, dental sealants coat your tooth's surface. This coat gives added protection against the negative effects that come from acid and plaque in your mouth. A lot of food passes through the teeth, and when food particles interact with the bacteria that hides in crevices of your mouth, the result is acid and plaque that wears into your teeth. It creates a hole in the tooth, called a cavity. Dental sealants provide an added protection that prevents the formation of cavities, since the enamel is no longer exposed to food particles and acids in the mouth.

Q: What Is The Procedure Like?

A: It is a quick, one-time procedure. Our Kansas City dentist will start by cleaning and drying the teeth that will receive the treatment. They will then place an acidic gel on your teeth that creates an adhesive so that the sealant can form a strong bond to your tooth. Our Doctor will then wash off the gel and dry the tooth again. Then they will paint the sealant on, and use a special blue infrared light to harden it. The entire procedure can be done in less than an hour with minimal discomfort.

Q: How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

A: Dental sealants are extremely durable. You can expect them to hold up for several years even under the pressure of chewing. When the time does come to get them replaced, the process is fairly easy and can be done without hassle. In cases where our Doctors apply dental sealants to baby teeth, they frequently outlast the baby tooth.

Q: How Do I Maintain My Dental Sealants?

A: They should be maintained and taken care of the same way as regular teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will ensure that you get minimal cavities. In addition, when you come in for regular dental checkups, we'll be happy to assess the condition of your sealants and advise you on any action that may need to be taken.

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